If you want to gain insight to your thoughts and feelings, talk about your worries to lift a burden or find different ways of thinking then therapy may be for you. Counselling and Psychotherapy can help us recognise unhelpful thoughts and behaviours that negatively impact our life and the quality of our relationships. Clients I have worked with have enjoyed the experience and been able to find a better balance to life.

Do any of the following sound familiar?

Are you are having trouble making decisions or feel like you have reached a crossroads? You may not feel like your old self. Perhaps you are feeling low or struggling to take care of yourself……Talking things through in therapy can help you take back control so that you can refocus and deal with your problems.

Sometimes we can find our-self worrying but unable to speak to someone about how bad we feel. We may go over the same things in our mind and dwell on something. Do you want to be able to switch off and stop overthinking? ……Therapy can help people find the cause of their worries and work through them to obtain peace of mind.

You may be struggling to cope and take care of yourself since the loss of a loved one…… Therapy can help support you through bereavement, make meaning of your loss and help you look towards the future.

Perhaps your emotions get the better of you. Do you struggle to control your anger? Are your moods affecting your life? Do you sometimes think you are difficult to live with? ……Understanding your anger and low mood can help you build better relationships.

Maybe you find it difficult to say “no” to the demands of others and try to please everyone. Do you struggle to find space for yourself? ……Therapy can give you the space to make your own decisions and trust your own judgement.

My Work


Throughout my career I have worked with diverse groups of people across different sectors. The change I made to work in mental health is the role I find most interesting and rewarding.


As a registered member of BACP I work in accordance with BACP’s Ethical Framework.

I am registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) and authorised to hold relevant sensitive personal information under appropriately secure storage.

Clients I work with

I work with younger adults, older adults and trainee counsellors to provide counselling and psychotherapy. I support clients on a range of issues but not limited to: anxiety, depression, stress, burnout, low self- esteem, relationships and bereavement. I use my therapeutic knowledge and adapt this in a way to suit the person I am working with.


I work with clients from different parts of the UK and overseas online over Zoom. This allows the convenience of therapy from the comfort and privacy of your home or office.


I offer an introductory online session free to allow us to decide if I would be the most suitable therapist for you.

£45 per 50-minute session.


Four years Advanced Training in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy. Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling. Certificate in Therapeutic Counselling. Transactional Analysis 101. Workshops: Eating Disorders, Safeguarding, Weight Management Psychology, Mental Health First Aid,

Stress Anxiety and Worry Management, BACP Certificate of Proficiency, Certificate in Online & Telephone Counselling.

About Me

I have worked as a volunteer for different charities in the mental health sector. I completed my placement at Tameside Oldham and Glossop Mind and this has given me the desire to continue working with clients in a therapeutic setting.

I offer you the space to talk in a confidential relaxed atmosphere to help you make the changes you desire. The relationship is the centre of my work and I adapt my approach to suit the individual I am working with.

I have always been interested and wanted to learn more about the connection between our thoughts and feelings. When I began to study Transactional Analysis I supported this by volunteering with different mental health charities. The combination of my studies and working with clients to realise their strengths is something that gives me great satisfaction.

I love the outdoors and have an interest in nutrition and the impact it has on our overall health. I have developed a passion for yoga and value body and mind exercise.


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